Thursday, April 1, 2010

Build your own boss idea.

So I have this idea. Its a bild your own boss function i can add. what it is, is that when you are in a dungeon you will find different materials such as Left Handed Copper Bracer, and then a Right Handed Copper bracer and so on and when you finally get all the parts you have built your own boss, kinda different i thought but i thought i would run it by everyone first before i added it. so please help me out by voting yes or no on the poll to the left!

Also i would like everyone to help me decide the name of my game. I was thinking about heroes of superia wich is acctually a book that i wrote during high school. but there are others i have as well, where i can make my own story line out of no where and see hwat happens so help me out and vote in the poll to the right of the page. =)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Welcome to sumluc productions!

Hi there! I am James Lucas, the one who creates these fine and wonderful games for everyone to enjoy and pass time! My Fiancee Jessica does all of the designing if the houses and the inside of the dungeons. Anyways I found RPG Maker vx when I was on google looking for free RPG games to play. So i downloaded it and i started making little houses and people and making them talk and since then i have not stopped.

The name Sumluc is acctually a mixture of my last name and Jess' last name. and we also decided that it would be a good name for a little quote we cam up with. it states. All you need is sumluc!

well i will be adding more pictures and i will keep you all updated on what i am adding to the game and i will also have some polls on what i should add and what i shouldnt so i am counting on the world to help me make the game the best it can be.

please enjoy the site and come back regularly to see new and exciting stuff being added regularly!
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