Thursday, April 1, 2010

Build your own boss idea.

So I have this idea. Its a bild your own boss function i can add. what it is, is that when you are in a dungeon you will find different materials such as Left Handed Copper Bracer, and then a Right Handed Copper bracer and so on and when you finally get all the parts you have built your own boss, kinda different i thought but i thought i would run it by everyone first before i added it. so please help me out by voting yes or no on the poll to the left!

Also i would like everyone to help me decide the name of my game. I was thinking about heroes of superia wich is acctually a book that i wrote during high school. but there are others i have as well, where i can make my own story line out of no where and see hwat happens so help me out and vote in the poll to the right of the page. =)


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